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Gentle Learning Program

An unhurried way of educating your children at home

Full Service Program

A dedicated program team will be with you from start to finish of the homeschool year. 


Signature BTHI Care

Parent equipping and empowering coupled with a fully flexible platform, the Gentle Learning Program will let you enjoy homeschooling at its real essence.

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Rock in Sand

A Charlotte Mason Home Education

The first in a series of gentle approaches to learning, the GLP - Charlotte Mason program was launched in March 2023 to address the growing need for a more flexible and inclusive homeschool set up while doing a CM home education.

The Gentle Learning - CM program of Better Together Homeschool International is guided by the Charlotte Mason principles, with an emphasis on reading quality books, spending time outdoors, and developing a love for nature. Homeschoolers in the program are encouraged to explore and discover the world around them through firsthand experiences and observations. Character development and habit training are also vital components of the program.

Accreditation Options


DepEd Accreditation

Do the GLP-CM with a DepEd accreditation. Our team will guide you on how to comply with local homeschool documentation requirements without taking too much of your time and energy from actual homeschooling. 


US Accreditation

Maximize the calm and gentle approach of the program with a flexible US accreditation. Enjoy learning without worrying too much about paper work. Focus on your unhurried learning lifestyle with a US accreditation for GLP.

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