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Flexibility in a Changing World

Academic excellence is a by product of a love for learning. We believe that fostering this hunger for enrichment is important alongside developing the child as a whole.

At Better Together Homeschool, we allow parents to use any curriculum or method they see fit for their child's learning style and needs.

We can help you customise and tailor fit your resource materials so you can truly maximise your child's potentials.

You can choose from the following options:

  • Textbook Based

  • Fully Online

  • Combination of textbooks and online platforms​

We also believe that our kids are global citizens. Here at Better Together Homeschool, your child can have access to a global education. 

You can choose from any of the following enrollment programs for your family's goals:

  • PH (Local) Enrollment for Dep Ed accreditation

  • US Enrollment for a more cost efficient option and full flexibility

  • Dual Enrollment to have the best of both worlds - the security of a DepEd accreditation with the full flexibility of the US Program.

For curriculum and program counseling, email us at or schedule a consultation with us through link below.

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