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Better Together Homeschool
Better Together Homeschool
Dear Parents,

As both homeschooling mothers, we know how it feels to come into this journey needing guidance and assurance that it is something that we can actually pull off. 
At Better Together Homeschool, more than just providing the accreditation, our main goal is to journey WITH you in your homeschooling. We are not just your homeschool provider but your PARTNER as well in raising and educating godly children.
Any journey is best enjoyed when you are with someone. Allow us to hold your hand as we embark TOGETHER into this one big life adventure called HOMESCHOOLING.
Ces and Ana

Ces Nitafan
Ana Kintanar
Our Philosophy
Better Together Homeschool

Homeschooling is a journey and should not be trudged alone. We believe that together, we can make your homeschooling better by being your partners.

Our History

We've been in the same homeschool group for several years, ever since our kids were very small. Through the years, we've become each other's mentor and guide in our homeschooling journey. At this uncertain times, when everyone seems to be suddenly homeschooling, we'd like to offer our hand and be that beacon for new families.

Our Affiliations

Homelife Academy

HomeLife Academy Global

Peniel Integrated Christian Academy

Peniel Integrated Christian Academy

Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands

Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands

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