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  • Are you Dep Ed accredited?

 Yes, through the Home Education Program of PICAR.

  • Can my child get an LRN?​

Yes, for incoming grade 1 students under Dep Ed, children will be issued their LRN.

  • How do we get US accreditation?

Our US partner school, Home Life Academy (HLA), will provide the US accreditation. 

  • Will my child be able to transfer to a regular school if we choose US accreditation?

Yes. The documents from our US partner are widely accepted globally.

  • Who can enroll?

Any family residing in the Philippines can enroll, regardless of location, nationality, ethnicity or religious affiliation. Migrant Filipino families abroad can also enroll.

  • Timelines for enrollment?

Local enrollment for the upcoming school year starts from January until September.

US enrollment is accepted anytime of the year but should renew every August 1st of the year.

  • What curriculum do you use?

We encourage use of an open curriculum. Parents are free to choose their children's learning materials and resources. However, we can assist you in designing your curriculum for the school year and take off the burden from you.

  • Are there discounts for siblings?

Yes. For local accreditation, we offer the following sibling discounts:

2nd child - less P1,000

3rd child - less P2,000

4th child - less P3,000

5th child - less P4,000

For US accreditation, a fixed family rate is applied for families with multiple kids - no matter how many they have. However, families with SHS kids will be charged and extra Php 2,500 (for Grade 11) and Php 5,000 (for Grade 12) for academic reviews and transcript development fees.

  • What is Capital Development Fee?

Capital development fee is usually charged to cover costs for Human Resources and Technology development and use. This includes training of personnel, development of systems and use of applications and softwares to improve services. 

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